I am so thankful I got more practice taking Self-Portraits. No more waiting for other people to get it for me.

I LOVED sharing tips and challenging everyone (and myself) to shoot different things. Photography is art, and everyone views art differently, but GOOD photography takes practice. Sometimes all I need is a little motivation, and this challenge did that for me. It challenged me to shoot differently than I normally do, and I had to practice several new things I hadn't done before, like the self portraits. I will cherish these photos during Quarantine with my kids.

Tip: -Set the Self Timer or use a remote! I learned from my friend Kelsey Alumbaugh, some DSLR's have an APP, and you can trigger the camera from your phone, so COOL!!

I LOVED taking more nature pictures. It was peaceful and calming to my soul.

We really live in a beautiful location with 4 completely difference seasons! We are so lucky! I definitely enjoyed taking pictures of nature and taking different angles to help tell a story. I will forever remember 'that crazy spring of 2020' when we were all quarantined, haha! I need to take more of these, I often forget to stop and take in the beauty of what's going on around me. This challenge made me stop and smell the roses.

TIP: Put your phone on Portrait mode and play with the Aperature setting (the lower the number the higher the bokeh affect, the higher the number the more in focus the subject will be). If you have a DSLR play with a lens that has a low Aperature, I love my 100mm Macro lens, and bumped it down to the lowest aperature it would go 2.8, to capture the photos above and below.

Connection with others is so important.

Wow, I was blown away how many great photos and stories were submitted. I loved that we could stay connected and share our live's in a positive way, and also learn some things along the way. Now it's even more important to share all of those pictures with friends and family not on SOCIAL media. Text your images or even better, print and mail them to your people. Stay connected. Keep taking those pictures, and keep sharing this time with your family. Pictures with words really tell a story and leave a legacy.

Tip: When you are capturing a moment, try to get 4 different angles (close up, wide angle, bird's eye view, on their level). Combining photos from different views and different perspectives help tell a story through the images.

Thanks for participating!! Please reach out and share what you learned during this challenge.


“A picture's worth a thousand words
But you can't see what those shades of gray keep covered
You should've seen it in color”