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Representing Clean-Crafted Wine, Zero added sugar.

My Wine Journey

Before Scout and Cellar wine, I had extreme allergic reactions to wine: itchy eyes, wheezing, and sneezing. Most people stay away from wine due to the headaches. Then I heard about a clean-crafted wine, I thought I would give wine one more try. It seemed too good to be true, but after hosting my first wine tasting, and trying the wines, I had ZERO negative side effects. Since then I signed up to be a consultant, to keep sharing it with people like me who couldn't enjoy wine before Scout and Cellar.

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What does "Clean-Crafted" Mean?

Most mass-produced wines are full of chemicals, up to 300 to be exact!! This includes added sugars, synthetic pesticides, and other chemicals that can be harmful to the body. Ever had a headache the morning after one glass of wine? It could be because of a chemical in the wine. But not to worry! You can have delicious wine without all that junk. That's where Scout & Cellar comes in!


-Mass Produced wines can have up to 16 GRAMS OF ADDED SUGAR; that's more than a glazed donut.
-Clean-Crafted Wines have ZERO grams of added sugar.

that's a huge win in my book.

Zero Added Chemicals

-Less than 50 ppm of Sulfites
*always less than 100 ppm

And that's it.

Conscious Business

-Sustainable, organic, biodynamic farming methods
-Harvested from old growth vines
-Tended by actual people and vinifed by hand
-Supports small farms

it's about more than just wine.

Certified Clean-Crafted Wine

-Grown Naturally with no synthetic pesticides
-Zero Added Chemicals
-Wildly Delicious & Always Distinctive

as wine should be.

Wanna Try Before You Buy?

When you host a wine tasting, you not only get to try the wine, but you get to earn rewards too. So invite your friends and let's hang out! You can even enjoy my space at The Creek if you'd like.

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