Hi, I'm Madie! I'm located in Higginsville, MO.

My real name is Madolyn, but very few people actually call me that. I'm a mom of two babes, two furrier babes, two fish, and wife to my high school sweetheart. We live in the country and surrounded by fields all the way around us. It's happy and peaceful, and I have the best front porch view of the sun setting every day. I'm so thankful to God for this every day. Most of the time I'm an introvert, especially in large groups, but get in me in a smaller group or 1 on 1, and I could talk for days, haha!

This was the summer we planted a sunflower field together. We've been married since 2011, and have been through sooo much together. Dane had a terrible hunting accident 3 months after we were married, which took years of healing. He is such a hard worker, and has never given up his grit and passion for living well. Our family's mantra surrounds the Bible verse Isaiah 40:31.

We also co-own Grit Fitness Gym together with our best friends, and enjoy riding our Polaris General with the family. We love to be outside and enjoy time with our family.

Some other fun Facts

* I love listening to the Emily P. Freeman podcast "The Next Right Thing", and Julie Ciardi "Ignite your Side Hustle" she is my biz coach, and has impacted my career so much!
* I am somewhat terrified of flying but I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit in my previous job including: India, UK, Ireland, Germany, UAE, & Qatar.
*I love living in my small town
*Photography was a hobby that turned into my full time career.
*I'm an Entrepreneur at heart, I love being a business owner!

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My Purpose

I often wonder why God has brought so many different types of businesses to my life, and the one constant thing I can find in them all, is that I love to make others feel good about themselves. Whether it's me taking their picture, or me helping them find out how to fuel their body well, it all comes back to me trying to help people live their best life feeling the best they possibly can, and serving others by fulfilling my big God-willing dreams.