My real name is Madolyn, but I go by Madie.

Hi, I'm Madie! I'm located in Higginsville, MO. I'm a mom of two babes, two furrier babes, two fish, and wife to my high school sweetheart. We just recently settled into our forever home, and are surrounded by fields all the way around us. It's happy and peaceful, and I have the best front porch view of the sun setting every day, which makes my heart so thankful to God.

This was the summer we planted a sunflower field together. I also co-own Grit Fitness Gym and a Certified Whole30 Coach. Through my Whole30 journey I found a good space in my Food Freedom, and recently fell in love with Scout & Cellar a company that makes clean-crafted wine, and became a Wine Consultant.

Some other fun Facts

* I love listening to the Emily P. Freeman podcast "The Next Right Thing", and Jenna Kutcher "Goal Digger".
* I drink my coffee black, but love a little collagen with it
* I am somewhat terrified of flying but I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit in my previous job including: India, UK, Ireland, Germany, UAE, & Qatar.
*Photography was a hobby that turned into my full time career.

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My Purpose

I often wonder why God has brought so many different types of businesses to my life, and the one constant thing I can find in them all, is that I love to make others feel good about themselves. Whether it's me taking their picture, or me helping them find out how to fuel their body well, it all comes back to me trying to help people live their best life feeling the best they possibly can.