Hi! I'm Madie, your photog friend and business coach! Are you ready for a break through in your photography hobby or side hustle? You are in the right place!

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After 6+ years of enjoying Wedding Photography, I am now in a season of life, where I want to spend my time on weekends with my family, but that doesn't mean my passion for wedding and photography needs to end here. I am passionate about pouring into other new photographers, to help them ignite their career, learn from my mistakes, and take actionable steps from my experience I've gained to help you be successfull, to make an impact on you and your career.

Let me help you reach your goals and make an impact!

Photography can be an amazing hobby that allows you to capture moments for your family, and it can also be a very flexible side hustle that turns into a full time career. There's so many options, let me help you on your journey.

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Photography went from a hobby to a part time job, to then a full time job for me, and I have learned soooo much over the last 8 years, I can't wait to share what I've learned to help you! It has allowed me to make a huge impact on my family, and clients.

I want to help you learn how to master manual settings with your DSLR to capture family heirlooms, and if you decide to take your hobby to the next level to start providing more financial freedom for you and your family.

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